Marcos Robles

Professional Sports and Fitness Trainer

Contact(949) 553-1588 (Hillinger Personal Training)
EducationAssociate of Arts – Athletic Training,
B.A. – Kinesiology and Physical Education
SpecialtiesGeneral Fitness; Post Rehabilitation, Sports Specific Training
ExperienceI have been a personal trainer for 10 years working with general fitness, post rehabilitation and sports specific fitness. My program design experience ranges from general fitness, fat loss/muscle tone, muscle gain, cardiovascular training to sport specific training.
Hobbies/InterestsFootball, power lifting, historical and social aspects of society and the world, laughing and having a good time with family and friends.
Fitness PhilosophyI use proven, safe, and effective exercises and programs to reach fitness goals. I promote healthy lifestyle change achieved through positive attitude, dedication to self, and a commitment to improve one’s health and life through exercise and fitness training.

As a high school athlete, I was dedicated to improving my performance through weight lifting and running. In college my interest in training and working out increased as I watched college level athletes move with incredible power and grace. Realizing a career in fitness was possible; I chose to pursue a degree in a fitness related field. Now I am committed to helping my clients achieve their fitness goals in a relaxed and fun atmosphere while providing them with sound, safe, and proven training techniques.

“Marcos brings energy, enthusiasm and a great attitude to every workout. Hillinger Personal Training has a clean, comfortable environment to make every workout great!”

“Working out with Marcos has kept me fit, strong, and motivated to live a healthy life style. Hillinger Personal Training has the privacy and comfortable gym setting that is rare to most workout facilities.”

“Keeping up with coaching and succeeding in business is a difficult task. Training with Marcos at Hillinger Personal Training helps me stay in shape and stay on top of current fitness information regarding sports training and injuries contributing to my health and coaching success.”

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