George Hillinger

Professional Fitness Trainer, Certified Medical Exercise Specialist

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EducationBS Kinesiology, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, ACE Certified Medical Exercise Specialist, ACE Certified Orthopedic Exercise Specialist, ACE Certified Functional Training Specialist, ACE Certified Senior Fitness Specialist, Biomechanical Method Corrective Exercise Specialist (currently in process of getting certified).
SpecialtiesPost Rehabilitation Fitness; Fitness for Mature Adults (Senior Fitness); Eating Disorder Rehabilitation; Pre-Orthopedic Surgery Conditioning; Fitness for the Prevention and Treatment of Diabetes; Strength Training for Postural Improvements and Joint Support; Resistance Training for Muscle Gain; Fitness for Individuals with Chronic Health Conditions; Body Fat Loss; Endurance Sport Specific Training.
ExperienceOver twenty years of experience as a personal trainer designing and implementing programs for general health, muscle gain, body fat loss and weight management, postural improvements, corrective exercise, chronic joint problems (back, knee, shoulder, hip), pre-surgery and post rehabilitation (back, knee and hip joint replacement, rotator cuff surgery, brain trauma, cancer), pre/postnatal fitness, arthritis (rheumatoid and osteo) , osteoporosis, fitness for mature adults, eating disorder rehabilitation, sport specific training, chronic conditions (lupus, fibromyalgia, neuropathy, COPD, heart conditions, POTS, scleroderma, Sjogren’s), diabetes and more. Over ten years of experience as a competitive endurance athlete (running, cycling, and triathlon)
Fitness PhilosophyI practice and promote the middle way when it comes to exercise; a healthy balance of exercising enough but not too much; proper progression is emphasized, not “no pain, no gain”. We all are different and our exercise programs should be too. I take a client focused approach as a personal trainer, emphasizing the individual and what is going to work best for them specifically. I address every aspect of fitness through the body including muscular imbalances, coordination, flexibility and cardiovascular health through a multitude of resistance training techniques, corrective exercises, myofascial release, interval training and PNF Stretching. I practice and promote the only approach proven by science to reach and maintain healthy fitness goals; permanent lifestyle change. I take a fun/variety approach to fitness when designing an exercise program, taking into account what you like and need, to make it easier to enjoy and thus achieve lifelong fitness.
Hobbies/InterestsMountain biking and road cycling, weight training, fitness for longevitiy, nutrition, running, swimming, yoga, dogs, art, snow boarding, home improvement, reading, playing guitar, hiking, meditation, self improvement.

“I initially signed up for personal training with my personal trainer George to make sure my weight lifting technique was correct. Not only did George refine my weight lifting technique to be as safe and effective as possible, he helped me improve my overall exercise program to be well rounded. I am pleased with the results of how I function, look, and feel.”

“As a woman over 50, I needed a personal trainer that I can trust to work around my chronic ailments. My personal trainer George knows how the human body works and he has the ability to alter my workouts according to my needs. I only have good things to say about his services.”

“George displays a higher level of professionalism than any personal trainer I have ever worked with.”

“George provides me with fun, motivational workouts that encourage me to stay consistent with my exercise.”

“I started working with George because I have a shoulder injury that requires special attention. Between working with a physical therapist and strengthening my shoulder with George, I have regained my shoulder’s strength and flexibility.”

“Ten years after graduating college and spending my weekends on the couch watching sports (instead of participating in them), I finally decided that it was time to get back into the shape I used to be in. A friend of mine referred me to George at Hillinger Personal Training. We discussed my goals and set a fitness plan which started with general fitness strengthening and conditioning. As a busy professional, I was initially concerned about the time training would require. However, I quickly found that a couple hours a week with George got me the same results as spending three times as many hours at a gym on my own since George knows how to maximize the effectiveness of each exercise. The results have been very positive, and after a few months, we moved to a higher level of muscle building and weight training. I am very pleased with the progress, I look and feel great, and have more energy than I’ve had since college! I have and will gladly recommend Hillinger Personal Training to anyone looking for a personal trainer.”

“Hillinger Personal Training provides a very individualized approach to fitness training. George Hillinger is a very knowledgeable personal trainer with great understanding about nutrition and body type, taking the whole person into account when designing a personalized program.”

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