Semi-Split Resistance Training Workout Routine Structure; Part 2 of 2

After doing your chest, shoulders, and triceps, your remaining workout of a semi split workout routine will include the rest of your muscle groups; legs, back, and biceps.  Your biceps are secondary during back exercises so you will always do them after your back exercises and we put them together with back day so that they can recover together.  Just like your chest day, do three exercises per muscle group, 3 sets per exercise, and 4-15 reps per set.  Lower reps and heavier weight is ideal if you are going for muscle size gains (to stimulate type IIB muscle fibers which gain size when worked).  Whatever you are doing for number of exercises, sets, and reps during your chest, shoulder, tri day should be done here too.  You don’t want to create weird imbalances because you are doing more or less on a different muscle group.  Just like during your chest, shoulder, and triceps workout, we’ll include some core exercises at the end.


– Squats, Lunges (step back lunges are easier on the knees) – quad focused exercise

– Lateral Side Stepping Lunge – quadriceps focused with abductor (outer thigh) use and adductor (inner thigh) stretch.

– Adduction – inner thigh motion.  Squeezing to the inside.  There are machines to do this or you can use an ankle strap with a low pulley cable.

– Leg Curls – hamstring focused.

– Heel Raise – calve focus



 – Lat Pull Down – Lat focused.  If you change your grip position the secondary muscle change.  Closed grip equals more bicep use while wide grip is more back and trapezius work.

– Low Rows – Lat focused with upper back postural muscle use.  At the back of the motion be sure to pinch your shoulder blades in.  Wider grips will exaggerate the pinch back more and will use more trap, while closed grip will use more lats and biceps, secondary.

– High Rows – In between the pull down motion and low row position.  Lats are made to pull in any position from high to low.  By doing in between, you are filling the gap.  Remember, muscles adapt very specifically to motion so you want to cover all your bases.  An option for a third back exercise would be assisted chin ups or straight arm pull backs.  Remember variety is the key.



 – Supine Bicep Curls – Supine means palm up.

– Prone Bicep Curls – Reverse grip or palms down curls.

– Hammer Bicep Curls – Curls with palms facing each other.


Abs – like chest day you can wrap up your workout with center abdominal exercise (rectus abdominus) and an oblique exercise (angle the crunch).  Planks are also always a good option to work and strengthen postural muscles.

I will start posting photos of exercises during the month of September and October;  stay tuned.  The next step up from a semi-split program is the full-split program.  I will post that structure in the future.  If you need any help, a Hillinger Personal Training trainer can always help guide your way to lifelong health and fitness.  Always feel free to contact us!