Results from Your Fitness Regimen. What to Expect.

Someone who hasn’t ever embarked in an exercise program most likely has a false assumption of the reality about the results of working out.  Many are mislead to believe that a little exercise will make someone look like the models on the doctored up photos of fitness magazines.  I have trained hundreds of individuals, of all different ages over the years, over the years and I’m going to give a little insight of what to expect for results from working out.

Extreme behavior changes produce extreme results.  This holds true every time.  If someone is completely inactive and has atrocious eating habits, then switches to working out regularly and having great eating habits, astonishing results are inevitable.  The greater the change in habits, the greater the change in physique.  Although, take note that many times the greater the change in habits, the less likely someone will stick to those habits.  Most of the time it’s better to take little steps and let the body adjust to change to the change so that it doesn’t feel, psychologically or physically so demanding.  For instance, having a large deficit in daily calories per day makes a person physically feel starved.  If someone has a small deficit in your daily calories, and allow your body to adjust to physically to weight loss before dropping calories further, a person gets comfortable, and it’s not so vicious on the mind and body because it’s not starving looking for something to fill the void.  Most people don’t want to be one of those statistics of individuals that lost a ton of weight quickly, just to put it all back on.  Reasonable steps to weight loss are key to successful long term weight loss.  Remember how long it takes a person to put that weight on?  Give it the time to take it off right.

Then there is genetics.  Every person I have ever worked with progresses differently because let’s face it… We are all different.  Every person has strengths and weakness in different areas of their lives and sometimes fitness and athleticism isn’t a strength.  That’s OK though, the one thing we know about fitness is everyone improves from an appropriately progressive exercise program.  When it comes down to it, the only competition that someone should have in life is with themselves because we can only ask ourselves to do the best with what we were born with.

Age effects results.  The older we are, the longer it takes to make physical changes and the lower our peak physical condition becomes.  As much as I don’t love this fact of life, I embrace it.  I feel like wisdom comes with exercise just like it comes with aging.  We can learn our bodies and tune into them the older we get working to improve our weaknesses.  Creating a priority to exercise to support our lives over the years brings a quality of life with aging that would be impossible without that attention.

What is more special than the gift of exercise?  Even a little exercise improves how we function at the cellular level, so never look down on the results from working out.  For instance, a diabetic can improve insulin resistance significantly with a little exercise.  Try not to measure success based solely on physical change.  Physical change and maintenance of a healthy physique will come over time if someone accepts who they are at their age and embrace an active life that includes healthy eating.