Plan a Motivating Fitness Event

Let’s face it, we know that exercise is a necessity because of the many health benefits it offers, sometimes it’s difficult to stay motivated to stick to our programs.  Variety is the spice of life, changing things up can help keep us interested and on track.  I have always found that having an event is a great way to drive the motivation I need to get off my seat and get out and exercise.

The other thing I find is that doing the same type of event is not nearly as interesting as trying something completely different.  I have done endurance events that include cycling, running, triathlon and now I’m taking on a 22 mile day hike to the top of Mt Whitney on August 1st.  I always am in shape, but this endeavor will create some positive change in my exercise environment.  I will still do my resistance training but I will spend a lot more cardiovascular time trail hiking and running.  After the hike on August 1st I’ll return to my regular cardiovascular exercise program of cycling and running, likely with a new found freshness.

When choosing an event, be sure to be realistic and choose something that you will enjoy training for and doing.  If you love walking, a 5K may be a great place to start or if you love tennis, find a local tournament to play in.  I love being in the great outdoors and I love to hike so it didn’t take much for my friend to talk me into training for Mt.Whitney.  I encourage trying something new but if you hate the water, don’t force yourself to swim.  It’s never a good idea to have a negative association with your exercise program.  Creating positive experience after positive experience with your exercise will encourage your exercise adherence and lead to lifelong health and fitness.

If you need any guidance preparing yourself for your next event, no matter how big or small, contact us for more information.

Pictured below one of the many reasons I love hiking… you see amazing places.

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