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Our facility has reopened!  We are following California State Covid-19 Industry Guidelines for fitness facilities.  We also will continue to offer remote online personal training sessions via Skype and FaceTime.  Please email or call to inquire about our online remote services or to schedule sessions in our facility. Our thoughts are with everyone during this difficult time; please be safe and do your part to help slow the spread of this pandemic.

Hillinger Personal Training is proudly in it’s 20th year of business servicing clients from Irvine, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Tustin and Orange County.  Our four National Certified Personal Trainers, with over 75 years of collective personal training experience, have specialty certifications including three exercise related degrees, one Certified Medical Exercise Specialist, two Orthopedic Exercise Specialists, one Weight Management Specialist, a Functional Training Specialist and two Senior Fitness Specialists.  

Proper individualization is extremely important when it comes to an exercise routine; this is why we only offer one-on-one personal training. Our educated and experienced personal trainers cater toward each client’s individual needs. Our first session with each client is an extensive assessment that includes composition testing, strength testing, cardiovascular testing, postural testing (joint neutral positioning) and flexibility testing.  The information gathered in the client’s assessment is used to design a truly individualized progressing workout program structured to the client’s goals (body fat loss, muscle gain, postural improvements, improved functionality, pain reduction, improved endurance, improved strength, etc).  We design and implement safe and effective exercise programs by taking into consideration our client’s body type, present level of fitness, injury history, health history, chronic illnesses, and joint ailments (including back problems, knee problems, shoulder problems, ankle problems and hip problems).  This allows us to educate and guide individuals of all ages (teenagers to over 90 years old), all levels of fitness and with a multitude of conditions to their optimal fitness while preventing, and even improving, pain associated to a history of chronic ailments and injuries. We also include basic nutritional advice with our services and refer to registered dietitians when more extensive advice is needed. 

In cases of clients with a history of injuries, we work with your physical therapist to design appropriate exercise programming.  Our post-rehabilitation programming guides our clients to optimal fitness after recovering from an injury.  We provide the utmost quality of service to give our clients effective workouts in order to achieve ideal lifelong health and fitness.   Below is more information about some of the more common conditions we have experience with and the services we offer.  We have the answers to your fitness needs. Always feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our services or how exercise and fitness should be implemented into your life. We hope we have the opportunity to teach, motivate, and guide you to permanent healthy life changes.  Be taught how to get in shape instead of being told. Your results will last a lifetime!

George Hillinger – Owner.

Personal training for the prevention and treatment of diabetes

With over half of our population being overweight or obese, America is facing an epidemic of type two diabetes caused by inactivity and poor eating habits.  The good news is that type two diabetes is reversible and preventable by becoming active and eating healthy.  After a health screening, we guide and teach our diabetic clients an exercise program that is appropriate to their current level of fitness and progress the program at an appropriate rate. We have our diabetic client monitor blood sugar levels before and after exercise to be sure the client isn’t in a hypo or hyperglycemia state and communicate with our client’s doctor when necessary.  If you lack motivation and/or are confused on what to do with your exercise and eating habits to change them for the better, then you found the right place. We are your safe and effective guide to changing to lifelong healthy habits that will support and maintain great general health and fitness.

General health and fitness personal training (exercise education)

The fitness and nutrition industry is riddled with poor information, and, unfortunately, our present education system does very little to teach us how to achieve and maintain great health and fitness once we embark in a job and life after schooling.  Learning how to eat healthy and exercise safe and effectively is a necessity to our long term health and functionality as we age.  At Hillinger Personal Training we take an educational approach to every exercise program and we give you answers to your fitness and nutrition questions that are always supported by the latest scientific information.  We NEVER promote dieting or fad exercise programs.

Personal training for pre-surgery and post rehabilitation

Getting your body ready for surgery through strengthening surrounding muscle tissue can have a dramatic positive effect on how well the recovery from the surgery goes.  The key to pre-surgery and post rehabilitation exercise programs is being sure that you are doing the right exercises to improve strength and avoid exercises that can aggravate whatever joint issue you have.  Our personal trainers understand all forces that every exercise place on your body and know how to design exercise programs to support your joints without aggravating an underlying joint condition.  We have extensive experience with rotator cuff problems, knee problems (meniscus and ligament problems), back conditions (including ruptured discs, protruding discs and stenosis), ankle and foot conditions and problems (including plantar fasciitis and ankle sprains),  knee replacements and hip replacements. We have Kinesiologists, Certified Medical Exercise Specialist, Certified Orthopedic Exercise Specialists, Certified Functional Training Specialist and Corrective Exercise Specialist at Hillinger Personal Training to fit your pre-surgery and post rehab needs.  After or during physical therapy (we recommend Costa Mesa Physical Therapy for physical therapy), we can teach you a modified exercise program for your repaired joint or chronic joint ailment to progress your strength further.  Our exercise programs include lengthening and strengthening of musculature to provide your joints with the muscular support they need to function optimally in their correct position and alleviate joint pain. 

Personal training for individuals with chronic conditions

There really is no reason not to exercise; your exercise program just needs to be modified for whatever restrictions you may have.  Our personal trainer’s know how, combined with communication of your physicians restrictions, to make it possible to exercise safely and effectively despite having chronic conditions such as lupus, stenosis, osteoporosis, arthritis (rheumatoid or osteo), back and joint problems, Sjogren’s, fibromyalgia, scleroderma, neuropathy, COPD, heart conditions, cancer etc.  If we are unfamiliar with your condition, we do our research to make sure you are getting the utmost quality of service.  It has been inspiring over the years watching clients with chronic conditions turn their life around through regular exercise with guidance from our trainers.  

Corrective Exercise Personal training

On your guided route to optimal health and fitness with us, imbalances in the body that we assess along the way are addressed and corrected. We are specialist at addressing postural problems, muscle tightness (hamstrings, hip flexor etc.)  joint instability and joint tracking problems to help our clients achieve a healthy neutral position through their bodies.  Corrective exercise is a necessity on the road to optimal health to prevent injury and chronic ailments associated to muscular imbalances.  Corrective exercise is a part of all of our workout programs.  

Personal training for eating disorder rehabilitation (anorexia and bulimia)

Adding exercise back into the life of an individual that is recovering from an eating disorder can be a challenging task.  The last thing someone with anorexia or bulimia needs is misinformation that supports their disorder.  Our personal fitness trainers design exercise programs for individuals recovering from an eating disorder that is consistent with their present caloric intake, keeping them in check along the way (through blind weighing and communication with their nutritionist and/or doctor when need be).  We make sure that exercise isn’t abused by our clients with whom have a history of purging calories through exercise.  Once our eating disorder client is cleared to partake in an exercise program, we typically start with resistance training to support bone health and gain back lost muscle tissue from extreme caloric restriction.  We only add cardiovascular exercise into the client’s program when they are in-taking enough calories to do so.  We progress the eating disorder client into a regular exercise program that supports lifelong general health and fitness, educating them on the facts and clearing up any misinformation they may have that supports their disorder. We are aware that extreme restriction and purging calories has just as much of a negative impact on a persons health as extreme over eating, and we are here to help our eating disorder clients find the middle ground. 

Personal training for fat loss, weight loss and obesity

The key to reaching and maintaining a healthy weight, is permanently changing to a regular exercise program and embrassing consistent healthy eating habits.  Put fad diets and exercise aside;  they will only give you temporary results in weight loss and they encourage weight gain over time!  If you are ready to get off the diet and exercise roller coaster, and start working on permanent change, our trainers are ready to guide and support you every step of the way.  We do NOT take a no pain, no gain approach and we work with our clients to find enjoyable sources of exercise to encourage exercise adherence.  A typical exercise program for weight loss focuses on cardiovascular exercise combined with resistance training to support muscular strength and joint support.  We will start and progress your exercise at an appropriate rate and ensure that you don’t suffer along the way.  You can achieve permanent change and we can help you.  All of our trainers at the Hillinger Personal Training have the experience and education to guide you to your healthy weight.

Personal training for the improvement of performance in sports

You can’t stay at peak fitness levels for ever.  If you try to maintain peak fitness levels for too long, you will burn out physically and mentally or you will end up getting injured.  The most important approach to sport training is to be sure that you reach peak fitness for important events by cycling your training with appropriate builds of intensity and supportive recovery periods.  We design and guide you through your exercise program to progress your training to peak for important events and we challenge our clients with training techniques such as intervals to build their fitness levels to places that they have never reached.  An event (5k, 10k, triathlon etc.) is a great way to set a goal for your training and we are here to guide you to your personal bests.

Personal Training for Muscle Gain

Muscle gain exercise programs are, as expected, opposite of body fat loss programs.  The focus of an exercise program to encourage muscle size is low repetition, heavy loading resistance training while doing minimal cardiovascular exercise (just enough to encourage a healthy heart and lungs).  Our personal trainers design split resistance training programs that focus on building muscular strength and size throughout the body, equally training all muscles to gain size while still maintaining healthy posture and balance between muscle groups (for example, you don’t work your chest more than your back or your shoulders will pull forward).  If a client interested in muscle gain has not been doing any resistance training, we start them with a full body program and introduce them to a two muscle group split-type program after their body has become comfortable with full body workouts (subjective but most of the time within two to three weeks).  We not only challenge muscles with more resistance as it develops; we challenge muscles through stabilization and balance training to achieve real world (functional) strength that carries to everything we do on a daily basis. 

Personal Training for Mature Adults

As we get older our bodies change and so should our exercise programs.  Our Senior Fitness Specialist personal trainers know how to modify your exercise program to adapt to chronic conditions and to fit the changes faced when aging.  Assessments of weak and tight musculature and incorporating stretching for tight musculature while strengthening weak musculature keeps the body functioning properly so that it sits in a strong neutral position and can physically handle doing the things we love to do no matter what age we are.

DMS Sessions
The DMS, or Deep Muscle Stimulator, is a tissue massaging machine that consist of a 220 RPM hammering motion titanium head.  The DMS provides deep muscle tissue with kinetic forms of percussion and concussion vibration, which in turn facilitates the client or athlete with the benefits of increased circulation, reduced pain, faster rehabilitation from injury, increased lymphatic flow, break up of muscular scar tissue, reduced lactic acid build up, tissue regeneration and soft & active tissue release.

The DMS also concentrates on general or local muscle spasms. It increases muscle metabolism and increases the lactic acid cycle to relieve pain. Deep, rapid, short-duration percussion is the key to the elimination of pain. The DMS can be used in effective management of acute and chronic pain, not exclusive to, but including: migraine headaches, sciatica, TMJ, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, bursitis, edema, myofacial pain and frozen joints.  We offer DMS sessions to address everything from issues of general tightness and muscular imbalances to post rehabilitation from injuries.

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