No Pain, No Gain? Proper Exercise Progression

To have an effective workout, does it really have to hurt? The “no pain, no gain” mentality actually can hurt more than help Lakers our exercise program. The likelihood VIP-Forex-Signals of cheap jerseys us sticking to exercise that makes us feel sore and miserable is slim. Not sticking to our exercise Rodenstock program disrupts our capability of achieving a consistently active and healthy lifestyle. With proper progression we can slowly build our strength and endurance without being crippled from delayed onset muscle soreness along the way. One can even progress their fitness levels to the point of becoming great athletes and only have mild soreness along the way.The holidays are on their way and with the onset of the new year, an army of individuals with New Year’s resolutions invade gyms and workout facilities across the United States. They promise themselves that this year will be different and they won’t drop out of their exercise program. The treadmills fire up, the weights clank, and the gyms are unusually full. The New Year’s Resolutions practically scream out with all the effort pumping through veins. Then a day or two later the soreness kicks in. Most of these New Year’s resolutions came from people with completely inactive bodies. These inactive bodies have been lifting pens and walking to their cars, not lifting di weights and running three miles. The number one cause of injury and excessive soreness from an exercise routine is progressing too fast. An injury is going to prevent us from exercising and excessive soreness is only going to give us one more excuse to skip Ssstttrrrreeetttccchhh a workout. Instead of taking leaps and bounds when starting to exercise, progress slowly to keep the suffering to a minimal amount, lower the risk of injury, and direct you down the road to lifelong health and fitness.

To progress properly, think about your current exercise habits. If you have been completely inactive, slowly build up the intensity and duration of your cardiovascular exercise. Start with a short duration of 10-20 minutes of cardio. After each workout, judge how you feel the day or two after your workout. If you feel good and you are not excessively sore, keep progressing. If you’re unreasonably sore, take a step back and workout slightly lighter. If you are participating in daily cardio, increase your duration five minutes a week. Don’t get involved in any high intensity cardiovascular Back exercise, like interval training, until you have a good three to four weeks of base miles of mild to moderate intensity cardio under your belt. The key is listening to your body because we are all cheap mlb jerseys different and our bodies respond differently to activity depending cheap mlb jerseys on our genetics, age, and present level of fitness.

Initially with weight training, a little bit goes a long way. If you are just starting a resistance training program for the first time, a full body circuit with light weights and high repetitions will wholesale mlb jerseys be enough. Whether doing a full Night body workout or a split program for muscle building, in each workout you should increase demand in only one element of intensity; either the number of sets, the resistance you are working at, or the difficulty of the exercise (ex: exercises that require stabilization are harder than those that do not). And just like with your cardiovascular exercise, listen to your body. If you are getting uncomfortably sore, ease up your workout a little. A good cheap mlb jerseys personal trainer can guide you through these progressions to keep your risk of injury low, your soreness under control, and your rate of improvement optimal.

This year, progress your exercise slowly. If you make exercise a permanent part of your lifestyle, you’ll be one of those people who are still using the gym in March, not another victim of too much pain and no gain.