Need a Goal for Your Exercise Program? Try something new!

Preparing for an event is a great way to have a goal for your exercise program. Triathlons are not just for professional athletes and southern California offers many events to challenge everyone from the casual exerciser to the exercise enthusiast. This triathlon season, Hillinger Personal Training will be offering group programming and workouts to prepare you for upcoming events. Each training package will include a 10 week personalized program and three group triathlon workouts per week to prepare you for race day.

The first ten week race prepartion period will start on April 10th and we will be preparing for Redondo Beach Triathlon (on June 13th) and Carlsbad Triathlon (on July 11th). Redondo Beach triathlon is the easier of these two events. We will prepare you for one or both of these events.

The second ten week race prepartion period will start in early July and we will be preparing for Long Beach Triathlon or Pacific Coast Triathlon, which are on the same day this year. Pacific Coast is the more challenging of these two events, while Long Beach is more suitable for first time triathletes.

Please Contact George or Christy for more information or to sign up!