Making an Effective New Year’s Resolution

A year has passed and another year has started.  For many, this sparks interest in making a fresh start by laying to rest unhealthy habits and creating new healthy habits.  I am always on board with helping people make positive changes even though we are fighting statistics which show that most people fail to stick to their New Years resolutions.  I thought I would share with you common characteristics of clients who have found success in reaching and maintaining their fitness and health goals.

First and foremost, a firm decision to change has to occur.  My successful clients didn’t make changes because a family member forced them to work out or a doctor threatened that if they didn’t change their habits their health would deteriorate.  They made changes because they decided to.  I can inspire and motivate my clients by providing precise direction.  What I can’t do is force people to execute healthy living.  Executing healthy living starts with a decision to do so.

Even if I see a client more than once a week, if they are not eating healthy and doing some exercise on their own to bridge the gap between directed workouts, they will not maximize their success.  Success comes from doing your homework, not just showing up to class.  Every workout you complete in the gym will benefit your health, but optimal results require attentive awareness of our habits throughout each day.  To be healthy, you have to live a healthy life.

It’s also very important to be open to change.  Life is in constant movement – it is always changing and so should your exercise program.  Conforming exercise programs and eating habits to all the things life throws at us is no easy task but it can always be done.  There obviously are times when it’s necessary to back off an exercise program, but healthy eating habits can always be maintained.  Individuals that have the best results and maintain great health and fitness are not looking for excuses to miss a workout or eat poorly.  They are in tune with the fact that they feel best after a great workout, when they are eating healthy and when they are resting enough.  I know from personal experience that exercise and healthy habits have helped me through the most stressful times in my life.  Following through with healthy habits because you know that those habits help mitigate stress is another habit successful clients understand.

Positive changes occur from making a firm decision to change, doing your homework and adjusting to curve-balls that are constantly thrown at us in life.  There’s never a better time embrace change and embark on healthy habits than now!  This year make an effective New Year’s Resolution and get on the path to an optimal you!