Healthy Treats!

A couple a months ago, on one of my monthly visits to see my wife Janice in Canada, she offered me a “treat.”  She called them her Protein Power Balls.  She had found a recipe online and made some alterations to it to make in even healthier and tastier than the original.  I was thinking, ‘how good can it taste considering the healthy ingredients it had in it?’  I took a bite and was completely impressed.  They were made primarily of rolled oats, unsweetened almond milk, almond meal, unsweetened cocoa, protein powder and dates.  All the ingredients were organic and the sweetness of the dates made them taste great without the use of refined sugar!  This is a perfect example of something that you can make on the weekend and use as a healthy snack in between meals when you’re on the go.  Instead of going through the drive-thru or grabbing a candy bar at the checkout of a convenience store, you can have a healthy nutrient-dense treat that optimizes how you function and feel.  The internet is loaded with recipes like this.  Provided you have a little common sense and use healthy ingredients, you can set yourself up for a healthy lifestyle with a little preparation each weekend.  This weekend I made some of my own Power Balls for snacks for the week (with a little direction from Janice) and I’m enjoying one right now before I dive into three workout appointments with clients.  They are a healthy treat indeed!

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