Full-Split Workout – Chest & Triceps.

Full split programs are for those that want the most muscle.  Unlike a full body workout, the workouts place lots of emphasis on two muscle groups per day, encouraging muscle growth.  This structure is for the ectomorph, like me, who wants to have some muscular shape to their body or for the mesomorph who just wants to have a large and ripped muscular build.  I would not recommend this program for someone looking for a long and lean type build.  A full body or semi-split program, that emphasizes aerobic fitness and the basics of resistance training, is a better fit for those not looking to build a lot of muscle.

Full split programs can be done in two different types of effective structures.  Standard format would include working muscles groups during the same day that work together during motion.  The other format is a Push-Pull Format that works opposing muscle groups together.  We will not discuss push-pull for now…  I’ll write a blog on push-pull as a change up after I write about standard structure.  You will need three weight training days per week to work out often enough to progress with a full-split program.  The first day in this format is Chest and triceps day.  You will complete 3-4 chest exercise with 3-4 sets per exercise (twelve total sets of chest), followed by the same number of triceps exercises and sets.  4-12 reps should be completed per set to encourage the most muscular growth.  The format for day one looks like this.


Chest Press – flat- focal point is the center of the chest muscle.

Chest Press – Incline- focal point is high on the chest muscle towards the shoulders.

Fly or Decline Press – Fly brings more tension to the center line of the chest while decline works lower on the chest.


Triceps Push down – palms down.  Short head of the triceps focus.

Triceps Push Down – reverse grip (palms up).  Long head of the triceps focus.

Dumb Bell Skull Crushers – Hammer grip.  Full triceps emphasis in supine (laying down) body position.

This layout is somewhat like the semi-split program (see previous blog), with more sets during each exercise.  This is a basic layout but there are many different combinations and exercises for each muscle group to keep your workouts fresh and to challenge your body for further progression.  Notice that I am covering as many different body and grip positions as possible.  This is done to train muscles in all of the planes of motion that they operate in.  We know that the human body adapts specifically so it’s important that we cover all of our bases for the best all around strength so we can handle anything in life that is thrown at us.  Abdominal exercises can be done on all days of a full-split program or you can spend 30 minutes a couple days per week doing core work (as I do).  I will post some photos on Facebook of these exercises and in a few days I will post part two a full-split program.  Part two of this workout structure includes back and bicep work.  Stay tuned.

Click here for photos of the basic chest and triceps exercises https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.597043380354422.1073741828.406372722754823&type=1