Full-Split Workout Structure Part 2 of 3. Back and Biceps Workout.

Please refer to part one of my blog about full split workouts for further information.  After chest and triceps, you need to make sure your shoulders have time to recover before working them, so it makes the most sense to work your back and biceps next.  Biceps are secondary during virtually all back exercises (there are one or two exceptions) so it makes sense to work them during your back day so that they can recover together.  You can do this workout the day after chest and tris or take a recovery or cardio day in between.  Just like chest and triceps, you do 3-4 exercises for 3-4 sets per exercise on both back and biceps for a total of 12 sets per muscle group.  The influence of all these sets on a muscle group basically tells the muscle to get stronger and larger to handle the demand.  Keeping the reps low, between 4-12 per set and to failure, is key for muscle size gains.


Back Exercises (pulling)

Lat Pull Down – Lat focused – variation would be any pull up type motion.  Use closed to wide grip for different secondary muscle focus (switch from workout to workout).

Low Row – Cable – lat focused with an emphasis of upper back use including the traps and other postural muscle.  Focus on pinching the shoulder blades at the back of the motion to kick in the postural muscles.

Straight Arm Pull Back – an exception to the rule of biceps being secondary during back exercises.  This exercise uses triceps secondary (isometric to keep the arm straight) and can be done with a variety of grips including the rope.

Bicep Exercises (Elbow Flexion)

 Supine Bicep Curls – Palms up curling.  This can be done standing, sitting, with cables, or with dumb bells.

Prone Bicep Curls – Reverse grip (palms down) curling.  The bent bar with cables or free weight is the best way to go with this exercise.  The bend allows for a comfortable wrist position.

Hammer Bicep Curls – In between a supine and prone grip.  This exercise uses all the upper arm flexors.  Use dumb bells or the rope.  Curl while palms face each other.


The day after back and bicep day you can do part three of a full split workout, legs and shoulders.  You also can choose to take a recovery day and do cardiovascular exercise.  I personally like to do four workouts per week using a full-split program for maximal results.   Each week a different muscle group gets two workouts that way.  All you do is follow the order and start with the next workout for each workout.  Just be sure to take a day off after your leg and shoulder day before working chest so that your shoulders can recover before having to work again as a secondary muscle group during your chest exercises.  Next week I will be posting the last workout of this structure, legs and shoulders.  Photo link coming soon of the back and bicep exercises.  Stay tuned.

Here’s the photo link for back and bicep exercises.  https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.600121573379936.1073741829.406372722754823&type=3&uploaded=6