Why is Sugar in This? A Great Pasta Sauce Recipe Without the Added Sugar.

After watching the documentary Fed Up, I have been paying close attention to sugar content in food I purchase.  I was completely shocked when I read the label of pasta sauce that I regularly purchase and found out it has 42 grams of sugar in one jar.  My first thought was why is added sugarRead more

…Let Summer Get You in Shape!

Swim suit season sparks a little more interest in fitness than the rest of the year.  Summer arrived in a blink of the eye.  If you missed your opportunity to get in shape for summer, don’t worry… anytime is a good time to get on the path to healthy habits and what better a timeRead more

TV Weight Loss Programs and Competitions

Popular TV Weight Loss Programs and Competitions have been getting a lot of attention recently.  I find it ironic that it took someone getting questionably too thin for the population to finally notice the negative impact of the behaviors that are practiced and endorsed during a televised weight loss competition for money.  For me, itRead more

Postural Awareness and Strenthening Exercises

When it comes to being human, the world is one activity in front of the body after another.  This leads to the muscles being overly active in the front of our bodies while under active the the back of our bodies;  Leading to something known as the slouch.  I’m the first to admit that IRead more

Full-Split Workout – Chest & Triceps.

Full split programs are for those that want the most muscle.  Unlike a full body workout, the workouts place lots of emphasis on two muscle groups per day, encouraging muscle growth.  This structure is for the ectomorph, like me, who wants to have some muscular shape to their body or for the mesomorph who justRead more

How to Lose Weight and Keep it Off

In my profession, I run into roller coaster dieters and they all have the same thought after they have lost a significant amount of weight… This time it will be different and the weight will stay off.  Trust me, I wish it would but the reality is, most likely weight loss through dieting will notRead more

Head for the Hills – Interval Training

Hill repeats are a great way to structure interval training into you cardiovascular workouts.  Push the uphill portions of any given course, then, rest and recover on the flats and downhills.  You can also stick to one hill and run/walk/cycle hard up, descend, then repeat.  The key to any great interval workout is to push aboveRead more