Is it Possible to Gain 5 pounds of Muscle in a Week?

Thank you Yanty for your question this week… “My calculations say ive gaenid 5 pounds of muscle?hey!.so ive been measuring my body fat every week, in the mornings along with my weight, waist circumference, lean mass and body fat in pounds. so my results seem to say that ive gained 5lbs of lean mass (muscle)Read more

Proper Rep Range for Resistance Training.

For resistance training programs, your rep range will depend on your goals.  The more muscle you want to gain from your program the lower your rep range should be.  The basis of any resistance training program, should be between 4-20 repetitions to failure.  If your goal is just muscle gain, you need to stimulate typeRead more

Be Winter Workout Ready

Since we do all of our resistance training indoors, most people who regularly exercise don’t have a problem getting in their normal resistance training workouts during the winter.  The hard part is getting motivated to get out of your warm bed to go tackle an outdoor cardio workout in the cold.  Lucky, here in California,Read more

How Fast Should I Lift? Proper Lifting Speed for Resistance Training.

Recently, I had a friend ask if super slow resistance training was better for building strength than standard paced resistance training. This is a really good question. It would make sense that if you were lifting super slow, there would be no momentum while you are lifting weights, thus, your muscle would have to workRead more

Do You Know Squat? Correct Squat Form.

I can’t say I love doing squats but I do love what they do for me.  Squats are perhaps one of the most functional exercises we can do in the gym because they carry over to everyday life all the time.  Every time you stand up from sitting down you are squatting and through squatsRead more

Why We Have to Exercise

I always find it strange that people view exercise as a choice and not a necessity. The general population has set exercise aside for a lifestyle that includes a desk job, poor eating habits and inactivity. Diabetes is an epidemic on the rise, and our youngest generation is the first predicted in decades, on average,Read more

Need a Goal for Your Exercise Program? Try something new!

Preparing for an event is a great way to have a goal for your exercise program. Triathlons are not just for professional athletes and southern California offers many events to challenge everyone from the casual exerciser to the exercise enthusiast. This triathlon season, Hillinger Personal Training will be offering group programming and workouts to prepareRead more

Put Your Best Self Forward!

I opened my personal training business nearly nine years ago knowing that statistically, most new businesses fail. When I opened, we had a really good start because the economy was strong. After being in business for less than a year, the events of 9/11 led to people being more frugal with their money. An easyRead more

Balance Your Way to Fitness

Some gyms sell programs that bring people through a circuit of resistance training machines. The biggest problem with resistance training with machines is that they don’t require any demand for stability and balance. We live in an unstable world; everything we do requires some balance in one way or another. In order to keep ourRead more

Get “Back” to the Gym – Back Exercises

Unfortunately, most work environments today involve sitting for hours on end at a desk. In addition to limiting our daily activity, desk jobs allow postural muscles to relax and weaken over time until they poorly support joints. It is easy to allow your chair at your desk to hold up all of your weight, shuttingRead more