Semi-Split Resistance Training Workout Routine Structure; Part 2 of 2

After doing your chest, shoulders, and triceps, your remaining workout of a semi split workout routine will include the rest of your muscle groups; legs, back, and biceps.  Your biceps are secondary during back exercises so you will always do them after your back exercises and we put them together with back day so thatRead more

Semi-Split Resistance Training Workout Routine Structure; Part 1 of 2.

You have been working out for a while with a full body workout and now you feel ready for new challenges.  Your goals are to gain more muscle tissue and/or strength and full body workouts just aren’t cutting it for getting the results you want… You want MOOORREE!  It’s time to break that full bodyRead more

Stretches for Full Body Workouts

A good way to use your down time between sets while working out is to stretch.  This will save time that would have been spent stretching later.  Also, your tissue is warm while you are working out.  You never want to stretch cold muscles as they are not elastic and ready to stretch.  Prior toRead more

Weight Training Structure – Full Body Workout Plan

Each week for the next month I am going to discuss each of the major resistance training program structures and their benefits.  The key to any good resistance training program is to make sure your structure supports the results you are trying to achieve.    I will start with  full body workouts because on topRead more

Results from Your Fitness Regimen. What to Expect.

Someone who hasn’t ever embarked in an exercise program most likely has a false assumption of the reality about the results of working out.  Many are mislead to believe that a little exercise will make someone look like the models on the doctored up photos of fitness magazines.  I have trained hundreds of individuals, ofRead more

How to Lose Weight and Keep it Off

In my profession, I run into roller coaster dieters and they all have the same thought after they have lost a significant amount of weight… This time it will be different and the weight will stay off.  Trust me, I wish it would but the reality is, most likely weight loss through dieting will notRead more

Food and Exercise Timing

Here is the fitness question of the month for June.  If you have a question about fitness, please contact me and I may answer your question in my blog. “A lot of fitness magazines recommend that you eat six meals a day and exercise in the morning.  What if you have a 9 to 5Read more

The Difference Between Fat loss and Weight Loss

Ok I started at 160 lbs I am 5 feet tall and now I weigh 135 lbs trying to get to 110 lbs what is the difference between fat loss and weight loss? And what has better results? I received this question from my website blog inquiries this week.  It is a great question.  ThereRead more

Know When To Say When

When it comes to being an advanced exerciser, you need to tune in to your body’s limitations and back off when it’s talking to you.  Too many times I’ve seen people run themselves into the ground, causing injuries that set back their exercise progression.  It is good to push and challenge the body, especially becauseRead more

Exercises to Support Low Back Health

The first thing everyone needs to understand is that you body is a unit and every part of it interacts with the other parts.  If chronic tightness and weakness exist in any part of your body, it translates and effects another part biomechanically, creating strain and potential injury.   This can even translate from joints as far away asRead more