Full Body Workout Series; How to do a Squat Video.

This is the first video in our Full body workout series teaching how to do a squat.  During a full body workout, exercises that involve the largest and most muscle groups like squats and lunges should be done first, then isolate to smaller muscle groups after (like hamstrings and calves).  We will post lunge variationRead more

Stop Measuring and Take Action

When I first started working as a personal training over 15 years ago, my then employer encouraged me to measure a client’s weight and body composition to show results through progression.  What I have learned is that measuring is a poor way to encourage an individual to get into shape and be healthy, because itRead more

Which Cardio Machine is Best?

There are so many cardio equipment options to choose from, between stair climbers, treadmills, elliptical machines, recumbent bikes and upright bikes.  With the arrival of the latest addition to Hillinger Personal Training family, a Precor EFX Elliptical Machine, I thought I would take a moment to discuss the pros and cons of each type ofRead more

Summer Fitness… Letting Summer Get Us in Shape!

Whitney preparation continues with a great southern CA hike yesterday. We hiked Acorn trail from Wrightwood to the peak of Wright Mountain, then continued to the peak of Pine Mountain, finally turning around near Dawson Peak; one peak away from Mount Baldy. This hike is referred to as the North Backbone Hike and includes amazingRead more

Plan a Motivating Fitness Event

Let’s face it, we know that exercise is a necessity because of the many health benefits it offers, sometimes it’s difficult to stay motivated to stick to our programs.  Variety is the spice of life, changing things up can help keep us interested and on track.  I have always found that having an event isRead more

TV Weight Loss Programs and Competitions

Popular TV Weight Loss Programs and Competitions have been getting a lot of attention recently.  I find it ironic that it took someone getting questionably too thin for the population to finally notice the negative impact of the behaviors that are practiced and endorsed during a televised weight loss competition for money.  For me, itRead more

Postural Awareness and Strenthening Exercises

When it comes to being human, the world is one activity in front of the body after another.  This leads to the muscles being overly active in the front of our bodies while under active the the back of our bodies;  Leading to something known as the slouch.  I’m the first to admit that IRead more

Exercise During Pregnancy

Every person is different and every pregnancy is different but, in general, you can exercise most of the way through your pregnancy by making some modification to your exercise program .  In fact, the benefits of exercise from the physical standpoint of making labor and recovery from your pregnancy worlds better and the psychological standpointRead more

Full-Split Workout Structure Part 3 of 3. Legs and Shoulders Workout.

To wrap up a full cycle of a full-split workout program, you need to work your remaining muscle groups; legs and shoulders.  Since this is third in order, your shoulders should be recovered enough from chest and tris, even if you did a workout each day for the last two days (chest and tris onRead more

Full-Split Workout Structure Part 2 of 3. Back and Biceps Workout.

Please refer to part one of my blog about full split workouts for further information.  After chest and triceps, you need to make sure your shoulders have time to recover before working them, so it makes the most sense to work your back and biceps next.  Biceps are secondary during virtually all back exercises (thereRead more