The Importance of Strengthening Rotator Cuff Muscles

The shoulder joint is unlike most joints in the body because it’s primarily supported by muscle. Unlike the hip joint with its large ball and socket of bone and cartlilage, the shoulder joint has a shallow ball and socket and relies on muscle to stabilize it and keep it in place,

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The Importance of Hamstring Strength and Flexibility

The Hamstrings are made up of three muscles on the back of the upper leg.  They are usually a secondary muscle to the quadriceps, the four muscles to the front of the upper leg, for most daily activities like walking and standing up from a seated position.  From a perception of strength, our daily activitiesRead more

Proper Biomechanics for Chest Exercises

I have run into many clients over the years that have had chronic shoulder problems and after correcting their mechanics their issues went away.  From bench press to push ups, if you follow a few simple mechanical tips, you can maximize the safety and effectiveness of all chest exercises.  Let’s first address body position.  TheRead more

Shake It Up! Healthy Shake Recipe with Chia Seeds.

Shakes are one of the easiest ways to create a healthy snack.  On the weekend, I love to experiment with different healthy ingredients from my kitchen to create a healthy shake.  Today I came up with this delicious healthy shake recipe made with chia seeds. 1.5 cups of unsweetened almond milk 1 scoop of vanillaRead more

Protein Power Balls – A Healthy Snack Recipe By Janice Hillinger

After a lot of questions about how to make the power balls I mentioned in my last post, my wife Janice sat down and wrote up her recipe so you can make them yourself.  Enjoy!  Thanks Janice for the wonderful healthy snack recipe! This recipe evolved from a failed attempt at making protein bars. ByRead more

Healthy Treats!

A couple a months ago, on one of my monthly visits to see my wife Janice in Canada, she offered me a “treat.”  She called them her Protein Power Balls.  She had found a recipe online and made some alterations to it to make in even healthier and tastier than the original.  I was thinking,Read more

Making an Effective New Year’s Resolution

A year has passed and another year has started.  For many, this sparks interest in making a fresh start by laying to rest unhealthy habits and creating new healthy habits.  I am always on board with helping people make positive changes even though we are fighting statistics which show that most people fail to stickRead more

Does Turkey Make You Tired?

Have you heard the myth that the tryptophan in turkey causes post thanksgiving meal sleepiness?  Does turkey make you tired because it has tryptophan is in it?  It is true that turkey has tryptophan, an essential amino acid in all animal meat, although turkey doesn’t have any more tryptophan than other proteins like chicken.  FurtherRead more

How to do a Forward Lunge Video

The lunge is an exercise that works similar muscle groups as the squat (quads, hamstrings and gluteus muscles) and can be used as a variation during a full body workout in the squat category.  In the following video, personal trainer Andy instructs how to do a correct forward lunge for optimal effectiveness with personal trainerRead more

Why is Sugar in This? Healthy Pasta Sauce Recipe.

Since watching the documentary Fed Up, I have been paying close attention to sugar content in food I purchase. I was shocked when I read that the pasta sauce that I regularly purchase has 42 grams of sugar per jar.  My first thought was why is sugar in this at all?  I eat at leastRead more